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  eAlim Partners  
eAlim invests considerable resources into its partnership program to ensure the very best in seamless "application-ready" for our customers.
eAlimTech was established to enable customers to identify best-in-class companies who have demonstrated excellence in development solutions and Applications.

We Welcome You ...
We welcome partners to come and join hands with us in this great venture. Let us know if there is any way you can Join us to develop, enhance, add more value or promote. Don't be shy if you are a small company or even an individual. Send us your proposal how you think you can join the eAlim Partner Program.

As a Manufacturer or Service Provider:
If your company is a manufacturer of any product which can be bundled with our applications then you are most welcome. We always consider the market plan to bundle and sell together.

Please keep in mind that being our partner, your members are entitled to get direct support from us and can have free or reduced cost upgrades for our applications.

If you are interested, please send us email at:
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